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Fincastle Planning Commission

The Fincastle Planning Commission is established through §15.2-2210 of State Code and was established in order to promote the orderly development of the locality and its environs. In accomplishing the objectives of §15.2-2200 the Planning Commission shall serve primarily in an advisory capacity to the governing bodies. The Planning Commission reviews all amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, including rezonings, the Comprehensive Plan in accordance with §15.2-2223 of State Code, and other projects as it and the Town Council sees fit.


Planning Commissioners

Chairman Robert Hagan
Address P.O. Box 443, Fincastle, VA 24090
Vice Chairman Ed Bordet
Address P.O. Box 105, Fincastle, VA 24090
Commission Member Scott Critzer
Address P.O. Box 109, Fincastle, VA 24090
Commission Member Dan Babish
Address P.O. Box 286, Fincastle, VA 24090
Commission Member Chuck Geiger
Address  P.O. Box 649, Fincastle, VA 24090